Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wide Open Weekend

Holiday weekend. Oh how I love those words.
Yesterday, I slept in. Well, I slept in a little bit. But I had stayed up awfully late the night before, so I don't think it counts. We had a really hard time getting things moving and I kind of took that as a sign that we weren't going to get moving. Yesterday was the first Saturday in weeks and weeks that was wide open - no parties, no recitals, no tournaments, no sewing projects planned, no house chore plans. It was a good thing, too, because my head was so foggy. I just could not get going. Somewhere late in the morning I decided to start working up a summer schedule. I did one last year to manage all the camps and activities. This year, we have fewer camps, but a more scattered child care arrangement. My friend Denise is taking the kids Tuesday through Thursday every week. My dad will have them on Fridays because he works for the school board and they have switched to a four-day work week to save money. I will have to drag them to work with me on Mondays. For the past couple of summers, I have cut my work week down to four days as my work load really decreases and child care needs increase. My boss decided, in his passive-aggressive way, that this year I should just bring the kids in with me on Mondays instead, since it's "working out nicely having you here all five days." I think that means he doesn't like to answer the phones when I'm not there.
Anyway. Where was I?
Oh yes. I was trying to make the schedule and I just couldn't make any sense of it. I mean, staring at the screen and eyes glassing over and brain just not budging. After maybe two hours of this, my head hurt so badly that I decided to lay down. That's big business around here. I don't just lay down in the middle of the day-ever. And after about 30 minutes of laying down, my husband came in to check on me. Suddenly a question burned within me and I had to ask him - had he made decaf coffee in the morning?
Oh yes. Now that I mentioned it, he had. I guess we were out of regular.
And suddenly, the world made sense again. Then we went straightaway to Starbucks.
We have been renting movies and I've been baking (vegan cupcakes today for a moving-away party that were a really big hit! did I mention the oreo cookie frosting? ok. so the frosting wasn't vegan...but I used organic oreo-type cookies instead of real ones.) and we had a big-time Wii bowling tournament last night with nachos and soda and everything. Tomorrow? It's also unplanned.
But I do hope to start the day with caffeine.

Daily Bliss: watching Andrew feed a baby blue jay (our friends rescued it and have been preparing it for release) - he really loves critters in such a special, tender way
Wake-up Playlist: Switchfoot - This is Home


claibornes corner said...

gotta have our caffine!!! My is Diet Coke!

Mary said...

A girl needs to be warned of such things. I'm glad it all finally made sense. I was afraid you were working toward some creepy illness. Thank goodness it was just a caffeine issue.

Finally a song I recognize on your play list. I am sadly ignorant of so many that you mention.

60ish and Glad said...

Looking at your last post...I still have a locl of Pedro's hair - Pedro - my little chunky gelding with a big heart and a funny gallop. I have my horse statutes. I don't have dolls or doll dresses - funny thing. I have a few high school things. I think looking back is a good thing. It makes you appreciate the richness of your life.

Christy said...

Mom- I always loved looking through your box of things. I can still remember how it smelled :)

Mary - fear not thine own ignorance. It is I who live under a rock and listen to sadly obscure music most of the time:)

Amy said...

Oh, wow, for a coffee person decaf in the morning is a big deal.

Sadly I don't know that song either. But it's in italics, does that mean it's significant?

Christy said...

Amy - it just means that I was distinguishing the song title from artist. Nothing too exciting. Maybe I should just resort to the plain old quotation marks.