Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas - The End

Here's the last Christmas present that I made this year!
This is Noe l'Phant.

He's a smallish French gentleman, knitted, obviously, for my nephew Nolan.
While his eleph-riends dream of joining the circus, this little one gazes off into the distance and dreams of joining Cirque du Soleil.
He likes peanut butter sandwiches and thinks mice are rather nice.
He's a little different, you see.

And, while I'd love to take credit for his name, which I think is so utterly brilliant it defies words, I have to bow to man of the house. Chris is not a wordy fellow, but when he says something, it's usually worth paying attention. He just came right out with Noe l'Phant and it was perfect.

I had a lot of fun knitting up this pattern, until it came down to the ears. The ears were downright hard. I think I knitted them over three times - on Christmas Eve. But it was worth it. How could you deny destiny?

The pattern is Ysolda Teague's Elijah and he is so adorable. I really fell in love with her patterns over this holiday season - they are full of gorgeous details and clever stitch witchery. I'll definitely be knitting more of her designs in the future!


mindy said...

I'm so in love with little Noe L'Phant...I'm thinking of knitting him a tiny beret to wear while he enjoys his peanut butter sandwiches.

60ish and Glad said...

What special little characters you made for all your nephews. Someone had better give you a niece to fullfill that side of your creative nature! What beautiful photos of Nolan and Mindy - what beautiful subjects... Everything is beautiful...(in it's own way.... sorry - My musical talent is found wanting)

Christy said...

LOL - Mindy! I'd love to see that!

Lisa loves knitting said...

he's so cute!

Amy said...

What a sweet little guy- the elephant *and* the baby.

Mary said...

He is a dear. And I love the pictures of Mindy and Nolan. I left a comment on her blog, but you did a great job and I know you enjoyed it. What an adorable baby he is.