Saturday, January 9, 2010


We are having more record-breaking cold here in central Florida. Just like everybody else in the country, right? So this won't be another post about the weather.
Chris and Andrew were gone today to Andrew's Lego Mindstorms team competition thingy, so it was an all-day girls' day.
When we dropped the boys off at the school, it was 6:00 AM, dark and freezing, but we were in a hurry. We had a special invitation to my mom's house for hot chocolate and homemade doughnuts by the fireplace. My mom found an egg-free recipe for doughnuts and oh-so-kindly tried it out on me. Because of the egg allergy thing, it's been something like three years since I've had a doughnut. It was worth the wait.
I had a hair appointment this morning (yippee!), and since my fabulous hair dude is in the same neighborhood as Anthropologie, we figured we would just drop in. Just for a minute, you know? Just take in the beauty and find new things to want and spend our allowance and...well, Emma was the only one with allowance money to spend. But she bought a very nice cup that will now be her designated cup at home.
Then Emma and I figured that the cold and clouds made this the perfect day to be in the kitchen. We cranked up the oven to 500, which made the kitchen so toasty and warm, and we made homemade rosemary flatbread using a cracker recipe. It was flatbread instead of crackers because I don't have a pasta machine to make the dough super-thin. Guess what? It's still tasty.
We also made candied clementines.
Uh, yum.
Then we watched Pride & Prejudice while we feasted, smearing our flatbreads generously with fresh goat cheese and sighing along as Elizabeth Bennett broke our hearts and then mended them again, while Mr. Darcy melted them.
The boys came back right at the end, though, and interrupted the proposal scene, which kind of stole a bit of the magic, but we were really happy to have them back anyway.
Drew's team did alright at the competition - they brought home a trophy for overcoming adversity. I guess there had been an incident during the equipment packing last night. Their robot had to be completely re-built and re-programmed upon arrival at the competition. I feel really bad for them, but that kind of stuff happens all the time, and they pulled things together pretty well in spite of all that.

Daily Bliss: Girl time


60ish and Glad said...

I loved the morning. It went too fast.

mindy said...

ok, either i need to have a girl next or i'm going to have to borrow emma from time to time so i can have days like this. :) glad you ladies had such a lovely time!

Mary said...

Wish I could have been there. So fun. I need to find a friend to make that happen with. I know I could get my boys to watch P & P with me...but their daddy frowns on it. :) Bravo to Drew. Problem solving is the best of lessons and I'm sure that he will be an incredible cool headed leader due to experiences like this.