Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Presents Post #1

I am in denial about the whole Christmas-is-over thing, as is evidenced by the tree still standing in my living room and my husband's recliner still hiding out in the laundry room (we move The Man Chair every year to make room for the tree). I suppose that if I am ever to get fully into two-thousand-and-ten, I should let you see the Christmas presents, huh?
This post will contain only some, as many have not yet been photographed. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow.
Here are two little knitted friends that went to my nephews in Indiana. We have Bean the Bunny (he's just the sort of bean a little boy ought to like) and Beary McTweed, H.E. The H.E. stands for Honey Expert. That's a very advanced degree from Bearing College. I finished Beary at the very last minute, in the dark, on the night he had to be boxed up for shipping, so we had a very rushed photo shoot.

Dear Beary, I am so sorry that your nose is out of focus in this otherwise adorable photo of you and your friend Bean. Next time, I will be more careful.

Both of them are made with patterns by Ysolda Teague - Sophie (bunny) and Otto (bear).

Also made for the youngest nephew was an Aviatrix hat that matched Bean the Bunny, which can be seen in the photo below,

and a Super Gavin set for the older nephew - the reversible cape (with a logo designed by Chris) was made using this tutorial and the mask was based on this one.

And to make sure that my photography class didn't go to waste, I took pictures of my kids to hand out as Christmas presents to grandmas and nanas and great-grandmas and such.
Here's the photo of my two young'uns that I sent up north to my hubby's family:

And here are the photos I took of my two kids with their kid nephew for my mom and her mom and my aunt and...well, the rest of us too:

I think that's a good start for now. G'night!

Daily Bliss: new piano students


mindy said...

"Beary McTweed" it!! I bet he has a Scottish accent. Both the bunny and the bear are so adorable. Of course I still love Nolan's elephant the best. ;)

These are all such wonderful gifts, always put so much of your heart into everything you do!

claibornes corner said...

Oh, I love those knitted animals and that little hat - boy do I need some knitting lessons but i'm enjoying knitting what I'm doing now......You really turned me on to this!!!

Christy said...

Mindy - yes indeedy. He does have a Scottish accent :) I'm glad it was obvious!
Nana - I'm so glad you're having fun with it. It really is true that knitting can be approached from so many angles - everybody has their own unique style :)

Mary said...

Beautiful. Really. I love the kids pictures and the little knitted friends are so sweet. I look at your stuff and I think I'm jealous that you are doing the things I think I would like to do. I'm not jealous of your stories of knitting into the wee hours or over the side of the bathtub I will never challenge you or attempt to keep up. I love that you do all that you do. It makes my crazy ideas seem possible.

Christy said...

Mary, thank you. Thank you so much. You're so amazing, sometimes I wonder how you do all you do too. *And* you clean your house!
The thing is, I'm not compelled to clean up after myself. That frees up lots of knitting time ;)

60ish and Glad said...

Mary, I will attest to Christy's final comment. Being a cleany does take away a lot of knitting time, or sewing time, or painting time, or music playing time....or well - just time. Christy has the gift of being able to relax and not feel guilty in a mess. Bless her!!

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

OK The stuff you made Caleb was hands down the cutest I got. I get it out and oogle over it on a regular basis. I try it on my belly and in general act like a pregnant fool. It is my absolute favorite thing I got, and I cannot wait to put something made by you on my baby boy.

Christy said...

Becks-you made me smile big-time :) Thanks! I hope I get to see him in it...