Monday, January 18, 2010

One More

One of the ideas I had for this assignment was re-visiting a location I'd been to years before to take pictures of my kids. It was an abandoned shell of a building - maybe a gas station or a train station. I couldn't tell anymore what it used to be. I piled everyone in the car this morning, hopeful that this would be the inspiring spot for my "shadows" pictures.
Alas, it was gone.
Torn down long ago, I guess, because the grass had spread out lazily to blanket the lot and there was only the weensiest bit of cement foundation left peeking up out of the dirt.
It's a shame, really.
Oh, I suppose that it isn't a shame to everybody. To most, it was a dangerous eyesore and probably a haven for unsavory characters. To me, it was romantic and beautiful, filled with history and ghosts (not real ones, of course - just the ones I imagined).
I can't really turn in old work for my class assignments, but I dug up my favorite photo from that spot to show you.

I desaturated it (took out the color/made it black and white) for printing and framing, but this is the original. I'm sure you can see why this was the one location that was stuck in my mind for this assignment and why nothing else in the shadows department was very inspiring to me. I already had this in mind and nothing could compare.
But, who are those two children sitting on the ground? That little boy who's nervous about the "No Trespassing" sign and that little girl who is lost in her bouquet of daisies are very cute and very small. Surely I don't know anyone like them.
Oh wait...

I do know them! Only now, they are much bigger and far wiser.
They know how that "No Trespassing" means "Photographers Are Welcome."


claibornes corner said...

Oh Gosh they do look so young!!

Mary said...

Oh...don't you wish you could reach into that picture and kiss those little faces again. The bigger versions will have to give you that pleasure. They look irresistible.