Monday, January 18, 2010

More Shadows

Okay. Here are the last few on the shadow-y side of things.
I had lots of ideas, most of which didn't quite come out right because it's been cloudy. No sun = no shadows.
So, here we have sad little Zeke, traveling down the road by himself. However, there isn't a strongly defined shadow and all the vegetation is dead due to the freeze, so it isn't a nice picture. Still, I wanted it to be sad, and it is.

And the giant butterfly scenario - great in my head, but hasn't worked out yet in real life. We didn't fix up Emma's hair this time and she was much less cooperative this time too. Add in the pressure of dinner in the oven and a fussy baby (Mindy kindly donned the giant wings for me), and I just didn't get much to choose from. If he asks me to re-shoot some of this week's assignment, this will be the first one I try again.

A few pretty pictures at a local church this morning:

And just some shadows:

I am so done with this assignment. I have taken an unfathomable number of pictures this week! It's been really fun, but I'm over the concept of reflections and shadows for now. I really hope these go over well enough to let my work stand without re-shooting!
I'm loving all the pictures you guys are posting - I'm so excited to see the world through the eyes and lenses of my amazing friends and family. Keep 'em coming! New assignment Wednesday (my class is Tuesday nights).

Daily Bliss: My first day as a non-secretary.
Wake-up Playlist: Jimmy Eat World, Sweetness


claibornes corner said...

oooh I love the lamp post!!!

Mary said...

I love the idea of the giant butterfly, and I like the church pictures and I actually really like the last few "just some shadows" pictures. I took a few yesterday when the sun came out here. All I had was my phone camera though...would have loved to have had the heavy duty camera.