Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Much

There's not much going on here.
Isn't that nice?
Today, for lunch, I made bruschetta - Julie & Julia style. If you saw that movie, you know exactly which bruschetta I'm talking about. If you haven't seen the movie, well, I'd highly recommend it. I loved it. Seldom is there a movie couple that so closely resembles Chris and me as Julie & Eric Powell. I'm not kidding.
And if you haven't made this bruschetta, do so tomorrow.
I mean it.
Fried bread should probably be listed in the Bible as a big-time sin, but it's not. So, I will guiltily enjoy this now and again, but not too often - moderation and all that.

We're also eating on a big pot of black-eyed peas and a whole mess o'greens (that's how we say it in the south) cooked down with some hog jowl and served up over cornbread. That's a new thing for me - I've never made such a southern dish before. I'm not superstitious or anything (the meal is said to bring good luck if you eat it on January 1), but it sure sounded tasty after all the cookies of the previous week, so I made it. And I loved it.

We've been eating high on the hog, you could say.


Our stretchy pants have just about reached their limits, though, and we will have to buckle back down, reign everything in, and start back into real life tomorrow. That's when Chris goes back to work. The kids go back to school on Tuesday.
Christmas of 2009, you have been fun and I have made you last as long as I possibly could. But, 2010 is already here. We simply have to part ways. But we won't officially part until I do a "here's-all-the-stuff-I-made" post. That's coming up soon, I promise, with pictures and tutorial links and all that good stuff.
I'll get to it later, though.

Them greens is callin' my name!


60ish and Glad said...

You are only missing the chitlins - which I loved until I found out what they were. Missed you tonight,.

Mary said...

That reigning in thing is so hard to do. I have to put away the stretchy pants so that I'm sufficiently uncomfortable when I sit down to eat. Keeps the portions smaller. Good things are in store for 2010. I just know it!