Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Presents #2

I sure am taking my time getting my handmade Christmas stuff posted, huh? Sorry 'bout that.
These photos are not exactly things I could turn in for class, but it's what I've got, and I'll include pattern links where I can.
I made Andrew an awesome Goomba hat. He's a little embarrassed to wear it, but I knew he would be. It was worth the effort, though, just for the laughs and the "wow" factor it elicited from my son.

I made Emma a hat and gauntlets set. She looks super-cute in it. The Ripley hat is designed by Ysolda Teague, who designed all those knitted toys I made, too. It's a really clever little pattern with darling pleats on one side, giving it the perfect slouch.

The gauntlets were a super-simple little pattern that didn't necessarily go with the hat, but I made them from the same yarn, so...Boom! Matched set.

For everyone else, as I mentioned, I made an emergency, Plan B gift of never-ending vanilla extract and raw vanilla sugar, which I made with organic, raw sugar.

I commandeered some clip art from somewhere online and made some cute labels for pretty jars. I even made some goodies for myself, since there were some leftovers. I cannot wait to use them up!

And almost last, we have two Mario mushrooms - a 1-Up Mushroom (for an extra life) and a Super Mushroom (makes you really big).

I wanted to knit some Mario mushrooms for the kiddos and I just couldn't find a knitting pattern that I liked. But I ran across this crochet pattern and just fell in love.
However, I don't know how to crochet.
Well, I didn't know how to crochet. These were so absolutely adorable that I had to teach myself to crochet. And it's pretty fun, actually!
I am still missing pictures of one last thing - the little knitted elephant. I'll get it up here soon, I'm sure. I'm a little overwhelmed with photography stuff. My head is just jammed full of pictures to take and things to try. So jammed, in fact, that it's a little tough to concentrate on most anything else.


Kate said...

This post made my night. I love the Mario stuffs. I tried to make a Goomba hat for a friend's baby boy, but I didn't have enough yarn... ribbit! It turned into a Goomba pillow.

This is much more fun that working on my actual work. I'm waiting video tapes and using a stop watch to time events. Gah! I have 13 total tapes, and I've gone through 11. I have 2 more tonight... I'm just not sure I can make it!!! I need that 1UP!

claibornes corner said...

Oh, I want to knit as good as you! I'm having a time with the Turtleback jacket - I keep screwing up the rows and I've frogged it 3 times. I finally got the circular needles because It was too big to do on straight needles. Maybe this will help. I love Emma's hat! And now Crochet - Damn.....

Mary said...

Such great stuff!!!! I love the vanilla and sugar you made for everyone. Super sweet. I love the labels. I'm into graphics so I am impressed by that stuff. You are so incredibly able. I know that sounds odd as a compliment but that's what it's meant as. I'm glad to hear you taught yourself crochet. It is fun and very versatile I think. Can't wait to see what you do now!

Christy said...

Oh Kate! Yuck! You really do need that 1-Up! That sounds mind-numbing.
Nana - haha! Of course now crochet :) I think the circular needles will really help out so you can spread the stitches out a bit and see what you're doing.
Mary, I absolutely take that as a compliment - A great one, in fact, coming from one as able as yourself.

Jessica said...

I love all of it, especially Emma's new hat!