Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blackout Night: Reformat

We've decided to give weekly Blackout Nights the heave-ho. I don't have anything against 'em - in fact, I like 'em a lot. It's just...well...should I start at the beginning of my day?
Alright then.
We shall do this in abbreviated form, as a writing exercise for me (can I be concise and use sentence fragments?) and to keep it a bit shorter for you.
Venting sesh on the phone with my mom. Not the kind you come away from feeling better, though. Fleeting shadow of a thought, "Maybe this bodes poorly for the rest of my day." Nah. Silly girl.
New copier at work. Happy the old ones are gone, but this is my big printing day for Sunday bulletins. 195 of them. Super happy that it does duplexing and collating. Super-unhappy that after two hours, I only had 65 copies, 1 paper jam, 1 toner replacement and 1 headache.
Set it back right and went for "long lunch." During said lunch, bought sewing book I've been drooling over. A quick little project when I get home should soothe.
Returned to office to find paper jam. Had only gotten to 83 copies. Not going to finish the bulletins today.
Decided to do the Wednesday ones instead. They're smaller. Just want to finish something. Feeling pretty good when they're done with 45 minutes to spare. Realize that clock on wall has not been re-set to daylight savings. Actually am 20 minutes late leaving for school pick-up.
Buy vintage sheet at thrift store to make a New Book Project. All will be better if I can just make that blouse. But the dress I started yesterday as a quick project is not done. Should finish that first.
Uh, nope. Nevermind on the finishing. Shirring gone awry.
Nice, cool bath and a shave. That should help. Fill up tub, open window.
Lose pretty, glass, footed soap dish in window-opening accident. Breaks along side and back of tub. Oh, and also inside the tub.
Gingerly step out of tub and into shower.
Maybe I should get out the ruffler foot and just do the hem of the dress. Can make new book project tomorrow. Break two needles, bend the third.
Give up and make waffles for dinner. I know this is Blackout Night and I don't care. Dinner will be waffles and I'll use electricity to make them.
Waffle batter too thin. Each and every waffle sticks to heart-shaped waffle iron. Heart-shaped waffles fail to make me happy.
Realize it is now 7:00, husband is finally home, lights have not been turned off and we are shoveling sticky waffles into our faces.
Oh, and? Thermostat is broken. It's 85 and humid in my house. Bleah.
Read 15 minutes of The Hobbit. Barely manage gruffly English voices. Husband tells me I probably shouldn't approach sewing machine again tonight. Adds that maybe I need a massage.
Good, good husband.
I will not even count it against him that he threw the word "naked" in there.
Husband washes dishes and puts sewing machine out of sight.
I decide that Blackout Night will go to a once-a-month schedule. I do not need more things that I can't finish right, thus making me feel guilty.

DAILY BLISS: Darla (who teaches the GED class that meets at the church where I work) brought me a bag of chocolate. She knows my boss is away and she said since I'm always talking about "bliss," she wanted to make sure my week was extra "blissful." She actually brought me a bag of Hershey's Bliss. I actually ate way too much of it today.


claibornes corner said...

Sometimes ya just gotta let it go....I used to stay up all night long to finish something and then be dissappointed in it - I'm "Slowly" learning you do not have finish everything in one session! Painting has taught me that....

Mary said...

Well poop. That doesn't sound like much fun at all.

I'm quite certain that today will be better. It will just have to be.

Amy said...

Having worked at a church and having to make copies of the darn bulletins, I can fully appreciate what an incredibly awful work day that was- without all the extra stuff. Holy cow girl! What a stinky day. Of course you still managed to make me laugh :)

I'm also drooling over your new sewing book. If I'm successful on the few projects I have in my head, I might get it too. I hope today is better...

60ish and Glad said...

I read your blog.....Me too.