Sunday, March 1, 2009

My New Dress and Something Else New

My sister-in-law, Mindy, brought her camera over today to take a few pictures of my new dress. Well, of me in my new dress. Of course, we've had perfectly gorgeous weather for several days in a row now - 75-80 degrees, sunny and breezy. But today? Well, rainy and 65. Not exactly summer dress-wearin' weather, but whatever.

Wince. I hate looking at photos of myself. But, the dress is very pretty and I love it. It goes almost all the way down to my toes:

And pretty soon, it'll be warm enough to wear it again. Like, Thursday or Friday. And maybe next week once or twice, too.

Now for the Something Else New:
I have been holding in this secret and thought I might burst from it. But now that everyone who needs to know first-hand knows, I can spill it.
Mindy and Joe are going to have a baby!! We are all so excited! We haven't had a baby in my side of the family since Emma (8 years ago) and everybody's on cloud nine. I keep looking at Chris and, really, anybody nearby and randomly squealing out, "I'm getting a baby!" Even though I know perfectly well this baby is not mine, exactly. But I have serious plans to hold and entertain and love and feed and...hug him and squeeze him and call him Geor...heh. Sorry. Got carried away there.
I had a crafting agenda for this year. All the projects have been nicely queued up in my mind for these last couple of months. But now? That slate is wiped clean. My future is now filled with baby sweaters to knit and booties and hats! Woo! This is going to be great! I'm gettin' a baby! And if you have a minute, pop over to Mindy's blog and give her some lurve. Welcome her into the mommy club, or just say congrats if you're not in the club yet yourself.

DAILY BLISS: rhubarb crisp for breakfast and dreaming of my future garden


claibornes corner said...

love the dress and I hope it will be warm enough when we get there for you to wear it to a girly lunch! Ooh, I'm thinking a picnic by the lake and knitting and picture taking! It could be after your work....

Liz said...

You look gorgeous in that dress! And congrats on the upcoming baby in your family, that's so exciting!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! That dress is perfect!

I'm so happy for Mindy and your family. Babies are amazing! "hug him and squeeze him and call him George"- hahaha.

Mary said...

Oh I'm so happy for you...and your lovely dress. I'm sure that little baby will feel even more loved when Aunt Christy is holding him/her in that dress. Can't wait to see all the fun baby things you birth. :)

mindy said...

Hooray for beautiful you in your beautiful dress! And I can attest to the fact that it's even more perfect in person than it appears in these photos.....lovely, lovely. :)

I'm so happy that you're as excited about this baby as I Baby crafts, here we come!

Christina said...

Christy, you can't imagine how happy it makes me that you have that dress. It was made for you! It's perfection to see you in it!

CouponAlbum said...

Hey!! You look great in this dress!! Love your dress, hat and lovely footwear!!