Sunday, March 15, 2009


We had a wild, crazy, busy and fun weekend. It included such niceties as a fair at Emma's school. All the girls got their hair spray-painted with fun colors. Here they are watching the grade-by-grade tug-of-war.

Here's me with a yummy treat. I'm wearing a shirt I made this week. It's not that I had time, I just had to make something, so I didn't sleep for most of one night. It's the Summer Blouse out of Weekend Sewing, that new book I was talking about a couple of days ago. I bought a sheet at the thrift store for three dollars and turned it into a cute shirt! Yesss. Oh - and you can sort of see my super-short new hair cut.

And, of course, no fun fair is complete without snow cones.

There were also two wedding showers for the girls to attend. I got to make the bow hat at one of them. It's nearly as cute as the bride, if I do say so myself.

There was also the make-a-wedding-dress-from-toilet-paper game. The little girls had lots of fun with that one. Emma wouldn't come out of the "dressing room" and needed help with hers. My girl. She had a vision for her toilet paper dress and would accept nothing less than perfection.

With a little help from Mom, we came to a few compromises and wound up with a dress worthy of Fashion Week. An asymmetrical neckline, mini skirt with a colorful ruffle at the hem, gauntlets and an 80s-inspired hair bow. Almost ready for Project Runway, yes?

We had Joe & Mindy over for dinner and just pooled the ingredients in our pantries (ok - and a trip to the grocery store) to come up with a fabulous dinner and ate way too much.

DAILY BLISS: white chocolate lime cookies - oh my!

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Amy said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend. I *love* that shirt so very much.