Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Lovely

I had the doors open all day at work today. The weather is gorgeous and this is the time of year that we love living in Florida. Most of the rest of the year, it sucks. But right now? Ah. Lovely.
I knitted a bit at my desk and knitted a bit when I got home. I got a vintage sheet in the mail that I bought off ebay. It's got a sweet, blue birdie print on it with branches and peach flowers and I have big plans to turn it into a pretty summer dress. I really need to stop having ideas. Life would be simpler.
We made an easy dinner of whole-grain spaghetti with roasted grape tomatoes and spent the rest of the evening outside, enjoying the extra hour of sunlight. Drew and Chris tossed a football around and Emma and I sat up in the fort with sketchbooks and talked about tomatoes and blueberries. The moon brightened and the sky turned purple and blue.
The windows are open and there will be more knitting this evening.
It just doesn't get much better.

DAILY BLISS: fresh-cut strawberries and mint leaves in my ice water


Mary said...

Ah...It's back. Your blog posts were completely gone there for a bit. I tried refreshing the page twice and nothing happened. It was just blank. But you are back and I'm so glad.

Sounds like very memorable evenings there in the sunny south.

"I really need to stop having ideas." I know what you mean. My problem (and maybe yours too) is that when I don't accomplish all my ideas I feel like I'm not getting everything done. Even though it's just an idea...not a command.

Christy said...

Heh. Exactly. I just can't figure out how to get myself to believe it's just an idea and not a command :) And the pressure of un-finished ideas gets overwhelming.

claibornes corner said...

Please Please save some of the nice weather until next week - and please don't let it be 90 degrees!!!! Ooooooh, I got in trouble today -I bought "Bamboo" Yarn!!! I'm making "make-up" washcloths - haven't started any but it's soooo soft!

Amy said...

The evening sounds perfectly wonderful. Thankfully we're having nice weather here too :) It's leaving tonight though :(