Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Have you ever been so desperate to find some chocolate that you just squirted some Magic Shell right into your mouth? Straight from the bottle?



Yeah. Uh. Me neither.

But sometimes you're gotta have some chocolate. Especially on a girls-only night. The boys are at an Orlando Magic game to which Andrew earned a ticket by getting straight A's on his report card last quarter. I mean, he didn't earn them from us, it's some program through the basketball team.
Anyway. For four generations now, the women in my family have turned to one special treat during a Chocolate Emergency - Chocolate in the Bottom of the Cup.
Hey, you know, I didn't name it. But it works.
Basically, you make a chocolate sauce, like the one from those no-bake peanut butter & oatmeal cookies - the kind that hardens up at room temperature. Everybody has their own recipe for that, I'm sure. Only, you don't mix in peanut butter and oatmeal. You just put it, well, in the bottom of a cup. Then you pour milk (or soy milk. pout.) over the top of it. It'll mix a little bit. But you drink down the milk, which gets more and more chocolate-y as you get closer to the bottom. And you are left with a thick layer of chocolate to eat up with a spoon.
Throw in a Barbie movie and girls' night is good to go.

DAILY BLISS: inspiration. even if I don't have time in my life to act on it, it's still fun to have ideas pop into your head.


Amy said...

I had my own chocolate emergency today too. Thankfully I had two squares of Ghirdelli dark chocolate with raspberry to rescue me. Thanks for the idea though since I might need to be bailed out again soon :)

Jessica said...

Yum! I'm with you all the way. Today was also my day that a little chocolate was desperately needed. I ended up on the couch with melted chocolate chips mixed in with some vanilla ice cream :)

Christy said...

A lot of Chocolate Emergency going around! Jessica...way to go on that concoction. I knew I liked you :)

claibornes corner said...

I've heard Kenny talk about this - now just how do you mix the chocolate sauce?????

Mary said...

I have done it all. There have been days when I was out of everything too. No chips, no syrup, no hot chocolate packets...nothin'! So I got out the cocoa powder and made my own. Sugar, cocoa, milk, vanilla...it's not rocket science, and it will cure what ails ya.

60ish and Glad said...

Well, a good can of sweetened condensed milk with melted hershey kisses is very tatsty in an emergency.