Monday, March 16, 2009


There are exciting plans floating around the atmosphere in these parts of the woods.
My mom got a crazy, last-minute idea for some girls-only fun over spring break.
One of my grandma's dear friends had a stroke and Grandma definitely needs some cheering, so we are going to do something about it. Her friend's family runs a retreat in Hot Springs, Arkansas called Knollwood Lodge. My mom grew up water skiing on the lake and I remember visiting there when I was eight or ten. And what better way to cheer us all than to introduce Emma to such a special place?
A road trip is in order. Four generations of girls, taking our time, listening to Anne of Green Gables or some equally wonderful girls' literature and stopping to pee whenever we want.
There will be knitting and crosswod puzzles, chocolate and gin rummy. There will also, hopefully, be rest, cheer, restoration and connection. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I couldn't be more excited.

DAILY BLISS: little green tomatoes on my first upside-down tomato vine!


Amy said...

How fun! My mom is from Arkansas so we used to spend time there in the summer. I've only driven through Hot Springs once but I've wanted to go back. I hope you guys have a great time.

60ish and Glad said...

Amy, you must stop at Knollwood Lodge. Teh perfect beach, lots of shade, a summer breeze to die for, and crunchie wood chips in the drives when you pull up to the cabins. I haev a surprise in store for Christy....

Did you ever stop and eat at the Club Cafe? They made famous pies!

Mary said...

I hope you have the BEST time. I grew up with a ton of girls in my family and now I feel completely cut off from them all. My mother and grandmother are both gone and I am far away from most of the others.

I think for a family of mostly boys you guys have a unique and wonderful opportunity to shore up your girlyness and bless one another. I cannot wait to hear about it all.