Friday, March 6, 2009

A Little Somethin' I made

We really enjoyed the wine tasting. It's always fun to try new things and listen to someone who's passionate about what they do talk about what they love. I ended up buying a very nice bottle of pinto noir - tasty and different. A little more fruity.
Speaking of fruity, I've seen these headbands around the bloggy world this week. They're by a company called and they are far, far, far out of my price range. You know me. I looked at them and said, "I could make something like that!" And I was going out tonight, so I had to make it tonight.
Here's what I ended up with. I'm not going to bother fixing these photos. You'll get the idea.

I'll do it a it a little differently next time. The originals used wire-wrapped ribbon to create a kind of halo-ish crown. I just used a plain ol' headband, but my hair doesn't work well with a headband. So, some sort of wire band it will be.
Cause, oh yeah. There will be a next time.
Chris got home (finally!) from work a little late, so I bounced over to greet him at the door. I said, "Aren't I cute in my giant flower?" And he tried very hard to muster a good response. But he was so distracted by the huge weirdness on my head that he couldn't even look me in the eye while I was talking. His eyeballs kept drifting over to the side of my head. That's when I told him that he should have known I was the kind of girl to wear giant flowers in my hair. He should not have asked for my hand if he wasn't cool with that.

DAILY BLISS: popcorn with real butter


Amy said...

Very cute! Yes, Chris should have known you'd wear big flowers in your hair. So you saved between $130 and $175! I-can't-even-imagine paying that much for that. Wow!

60ish and Glad said...

It reminds me of a photo of your grandmother at about - 33. SHe was standing by the magnolia tree with a very large magnolia in her thick long and wavy black hair. She was 5'7" back then and very lean and gorgeous. She wore big flowers a what do you knwo big flower child...I wore flowers too - but we won;t get into my flower child days. (Your grandmother's were real!)

Kate said...

I love it, even if Chris is weirded out by it! In fact, just last night I was ogling a flower headband myself! I should try making one too!

claibornes corner said...

Too cute - I wish I could have seen Chris's face!!!

claibornes corner said...

I just went to the website - wow - a lot of dough for these - your's look just fine - I like the ones with rhinestones!!!

Christy said...

Kate - you totally have to make one! I'm planning to make a ton of them :) and I want to see what you do with the idea!

60ish and Glad said...

Claiborne, You should make them - even paint them. You could sell them too!

Mary said...

Great head band. I don't think I could wear a big flower in my hair...there was a time I would have and maybe I'll get back to that. Because I sort of miss that crazy girl. I love it on you and with the etched mirror and the chandelier in the background you sort of take on this 20's era cuteness.

I think it's good to shock the men-folk now and then. It keeps them on their toes. :) That last paragraph made me laugh.