Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in the blustery, chilly backyard. I marched around, notebook and pencil in hand, pointing to imaginary fruit trees and garden beds while Chris dutifully nodded and stood in attentive poses. Now that we decided to stay in our house, I am determined to start up some gardening.
At some point, I realized I wasn't explaining things well enough. Chris is not a "words" man. So, we pulled out the picnic blanket and curled up on it in the last sunny spot of the yard as the afternoon sun faded. I drew pictures and said things like, "Of course, this is not to scale, but you get the idea." And he made agreeing noises. One by one, the kids and the dog joined us, finding their own private corners of the blanket and enjoying the peace that comes from a day spent fully at home.
Then one of us, I'm not sure who it was anymore, noticed our tiny visitor. Maybe it was Chris. Maybe he wasn't paying quite the attention to me that I thought he was.

We scrambled for the camera and Emma wanted to hold it so badly. Next to her (filthy and unkempt) fingernails, you can see just how tiny this particular friend was. If you click on the picture to see it full-sized, you can probably make out that this is some sort of tiny ladybug.

It didn't seem too nervous, but we wanted the company. So we all backed away a bit and gave it some space to crawl over the Mighty Mountains of Quiltistan. I love how oddly tall and purposeful this tiny thing looks on top of a fold in the quilt.

Don't you think he looks like he's on a mission?

DAILY BLISS: the evening ahead that will be spent in my chair, knitting away


Amy said...

That's about the cutest lady bug I've ever seen. They're good for your soon to be garden too :)

claibornes corner said...

I LOVE Ladybugs!! And can't wait to taste the tomatoes- I know you'll have great ones...and just WHAT were you knitting tonight????????????

claibornes corner said...

Uncle Kenny said Don't "Pitch a Wobbly" just because it's "wonky" and you don't have "frog" it because Nana is a little "wonky" herself" - direct quote from your Uncle Kenny.....

Christy said...

Haha! Uncle Kenny! We all know Nana's a little wobbly :)
And, of course, I was knitting your new shawl!