Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ah, Monday. It was a good day, but I was so busy telling you about the previous week that I didn't get to tell you about this event.
I met a little man named Caleb. He's my bestie's new baby boy, and he's a special one.

He is just about the size of a hefty loaf of bread and still so fresh that he stays all curled up, knees tucked and arms tight, no matter how you hold him.
Becky has been to hell and back in her life over the last couple of years, but she is reveling in the kind of love and life that she deserves. And little Caleb is so special because he's The Evidence.
Physical evidence that restoration is possible.


mindy said...

*sigh*...i already miss those curled up, sleeping on mommy's chest all afternoon days. little caleb is SO precious....i just wanna kiss that little head!

Mary said...

Oh I love babies.

He is too sweet.

God bless Becky and her handsome little Caleb.

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

Wish Caleb could somehow understand how very privileged he was to be held by you on Monday. Wish he knew what a heart mender you are. I love you!

60ish and Glad said...

so beautiful. And baby is beautiful too!

Christy said...

Ah, Becks. It takes one to know one. And...really, I'm the lucky one :)

Amy Button said...

So sweet...I love the way God works.

Christina said...

Congrats, Becky!