Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Guy

Andrew played in his first All County Band concert this weekend. He was 2nd chair euphonium, which I think is pretty impressive!
This really is a pretty awful photo, but it's all I ended up taking, so, there you have it. Isn't he so grown up? Ugh.

It was such a great experience for him - playing with other kids who work as hard as he does to make good music. By the time we left, he'd also heard the high school bands play. They were incredible. I hope it gives him something to look forward to. In (gulp) high school.

Daily Bliss: beautiful, slow rain for two days straight
Wake-up Playlist: Muse, Unnatural Selection


Mary said...

Yes. He does look grown up. I want to say something like, "enjoy it, be proud, he's going to make you love all the independence he's gaining." But c'mon, my oldest is six, what do I know?

I do think it will be great though.

Amy Button said...

Second chair? Very impressive!

frabjouspoet said...

My favorite part of participating in all-county orchestra when I was in middle school was the chance to hear the high school orchestra play. I remember dreaming about being able to sound that good one day.

claibornes corner said...

HIGH school????What - When - Where - WHY - He's our baby!