Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Road Trip: Part 5

Okay. This road trip has got to be the most-posted event ever. At least, for me. There still are so many pictures I want to show you and some of them need a little work. For some of them, I'm planning to choose the very-est best one only (and having a hard time doing so) and for some of them, well, they need work because they're not-so-good.
On Wednesday of our week away (or was it Tuesday?), Chris and I stole away by ourselves to the historic town of New Harmony.
If you could script my Most Perfect Day Ever, it would unfold a lot like this one did. It was sunny and breezy and about 74 degrees.
We grabbed a cup of coffee and headed first to the local nature preserve, with trails and wildlife to explore. I talked to a sleepy owl and marveled at the first signs of spring breaking through in the forest.

It was almost like a tender layer of greenery was floating in the air, safe from the harsh conditions near the top of the canopy, where the trees were still stark and bare.

Once we'd had our fill of the forest, Chris and I drove with the windows down, past corn fields and farms, fallen barns and cows. We were listening to Iron & Wine. After a nice little jaunt through the countryside, we rolled into New Harmony with its brick-building Main Street and iron-gated lawns and homes.
It even appeared that they had been expecting us. Chris has his own pharmacy in town.

We wandered through the antique shops and I even found an apron to add to my collection!

There was one stop we needed to make on our way back - a little labyrinth. It was just a circular path cut out of shrubbery, but it wound its way into a tiny, round, stone building in the middle. The weather was so beautiful that neither of us minded the quiet, meditative walk.

Do you see that blobby, pink tree on the right? There will be more pictures of that. It was my favorite thing all day.
Once we were close, we found a cheaters' gate, though, that took us straight to the building and I couldn't wait any longer. I know patience is a virtue, but it's not one that I have really mastered. Lo and behold, up on the sweetly painted ceiling, there were gobs of ladybugs!

In fact, they were everywhere.

So many landed on me, too. It's probably because I wear the symbol of ladybug friendliness.


Mary said...

Very pretty. Looks like a lovely day.

denise said...

Your awesome...I just love everything you write. :)

Christy said...

Denise - you're awesome too, you know.

Amy Button said...

What a great place! I'll add it to my mental list of places to see someday.

Love the pic of Chris' pharmacy. The three white globe lights look (to me) like the little bubbles leading up to a thought bubble in a cartoon...I'm silly.

mindy said...

So lovely!! Wish I could've been there....but your wonderful photographs make me feel like I was. :)