Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Girl

Our boys were away for the weekend, so Emma and I had a grand, girls-only time.
She had a chorus concert to sing in this weekend, so Saturday, we spent extra time on her hair, and put on a little mascara and a brand new dress from Grandma.
It's important to me that, as she continues to grow, she feels beautiful. Emma is at an age where girls become so much more self-aware. Their differences, rather than being a point of pride, begin to be points of shame and I so very much want for her to continue to see herself as unique, amazing individual. So we took special time to fix up and as I was blow-drying her hair in the mirror, she stood on her tippy-toes, smiling a radiant smile in the mirror at the sight of herself. That made my heart just swell with joy.
Her satin-y dress swirled around her knees and her hair swayed when she walked. Feelings like that don't come along every day, so I took lots of pictures of my gorgeous baby.

My mom and dad took us out to lunch at a nice local spot; my grandma came along too.

It's a place where they also make lots of fancy cakes, which is kind of Emma's dream job at the moment.

We all made sure Emma felt special. She has always struggled with stage fright, but was so excited to sing in this concert. I was practically holding my breath with hope that she wouldn't cry or pass out.

I think maybe that it was all the people on stage with her. Maybe she's an ensemble girl and not a soloist. I know I am. Here she is at the pre-concert warm-up:

And here she is, singing her heart out.

We came home and made that fantastic grapefruit mint salad I posted about yesterday. We harvested the greens and mint ourselves, still in our fancy dresses. We washed all the lettuce, sectioned the grapefruit, and stirred up the dressing.
But once dinner was done, we did what girls do best. We made an ooey-gooey pan of brownies with a giant chocolate bar broken into it and we watched a girl movie.
It was the movie Emma, of course.


60ish and Glad said...

What a lovely day indeed. II love for her to feel beautiful! That sense gets destroyed all too often.

Mary said...

I love that you harvested the greens and mints yourself. But mostly I love that you did it still in your fancy dresses.

Sounds like a wonderful time with your girl. It is really sweet to hear how you care about the details with her. Special days are so important.

Amy Button said...

What a sweet day! I love that place with the cakes, you'll have to let me know where it is. I'd like to take Chloe next time we're in town.

Emma looks so pretty! Both of the girls saw her picture and sighed and said "I miss Emma".

frabjouspoet said...

She is oh so beautiful!

Christy said...

Amy - it's Deli Delicacies! They serve all kinds of good stuff :)