Monday, April 5, 2010

Road Trip: Part 2

Continuing the story of our vacation - we relaxed a lot. Chris' mom likes to let us sleep in and she fixes breakfast. I mean it. Real, honest-to-goodness, cooked breakfast. It's nice to wake up to, I tell ya.
But once breakfast was over and cleaned up each day, we managed to get about the business of doing something.
Some days, there were chores around the house. A laser level? Oh, yeah.

Sometimes, it was a little more exciting - like dying Easter eggs.

One day, we visited the nearby town of Newburgh, which I'm sure I've mentioned in previous years. It's a little river-side town, full of historic homes and darling shops. We ambled about by the banks of the river, throwing stones at the water, stepping over the driftwood.


Amy Button said...

Sleeping in? My dad always teases me about how late we sleep. I know he wishes I'd get up early enough to have coffee with him on the back porch.

Your vacation sounds fabulous. Just some time to unwind and spend time with family...perfect.

Mary said...

I think that's one of my favorite pictures of Emma ever. Love her expression.