Saturday, April 10, 2010


I took the kids today and met up with some friends at Parkesdale Farms in Plant City. If you live anywhere around here, you know why we went there.

Strawberry shortcake!

It's a little cheesy, but in a perfectly old-fashioned way. There's even a strawberry throne to pose on for pictures. What princess could resist?


Mary said...

I love strawberries.

Amy Button said...

I can't remember actually going there but it all looks familiar. Maybe I'm confusing it with the strawberry festival. Either way it brings back good memories.

I love strawberries too...just not the ones we get here. I've quit buying them because they don't taste like all. Unfortunately, the California berries are better. I think Florida keeps all the good ones for themselves ;)

mindy said...

now i know exactly where joe and i are taking nolan next weekend.

Christy said...

You'd better hurry Mindy! It's my understanding that they only serve the shortcake through April.