Monday, April 5, 2010

Road Trip: Part 3

There are many more photos to show you, but most of them need a little more work or a little more consideration, so I will jump ahead of myself and show you pictures from the Easter egg hunt at Chris' mom's house.

The Indiana grass was so soft!

Our grass here in Florida is poky and brownish-green and not at all very nice.

Poor Andrew is a little bit too big for hunting Easter eggs, but his Mamaw really wanted all her grandchildren to have an egg hunt at her house for once.

She cajoled and strong-armed and when all else failed, she told him there was money in some of the eggs. Andrew will do anything for money.

Emma, however, finds no shame in hunting for eggs filled with money or candy. None at all. And when there is even more candy in a basket for her? That is even better.

My nephews had a really great time too.
Gavin ran around the yard finding as many eggs as he could, with the help of his entourage of grown-up helpers,

and Max really had fun playing with his basket.

Maybe Papaw had fun playing with Max's basket too.

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Mary said...

Good stuff. I totally understand Andrew's reluctance, but appreciate his willingness to do it for the cash as well...and to make Mamaw happy too.