Sunday, April 4, 2010

Road Trip: Part 1

You know, of course, that I have a new camera. And you probably can deduce that new camera + road trip = too many pictures.
I will not pretend that they are all good pictures.
I will not pretend that they accurately tell the story of our journey.
I will try not to post eleventy-two kabillion pictures of my nephews.
But I'm not making any promises.

We split our drive to Indiana (to see Chris' side of the family) into two days and it's a good thing we did. Chris and I quickly realized that we are no longer 23-year-olds who can drive for 14 hours straight with nary a potty stop to slow us down. Maybe that's exaggerating.
But we were both old and sore and stiff coming out of that car when we did stop here and there this time around. We made the best of it, though, and listened to The Hobbit on CD with the kids and to loads and loads of music. I would like to say that I think the word "confusticated" should be brought back into use. That and the dwarfish habit of beard-y benedictions, "May your beard never grow thin" and "May your beard grow ever longer" and such. I'm a big fan of beards, you know.

Once we finally arrived, Chris' parents were shocked at how big the kids have gotten, as could be expected. We spend the first couple of days having meals with relatives and holding our nephews. Well, holding the smallest one, Max.

The older one, Gavin, is two. There doesn't sit still long enough for much holding.

Max and Andrew are definitely buddies now. You saw that picture from early in the week of Max in Andrew's lap. Oh my. Oh me. My heart absolutely melted. Reminds me of another devastatingly handsome man who always seems to be holding a baby...

Max and Andrew spent a lot of time hanging out together.

We happened to roll into town just in time to be present for Max's first haircut. It was pretty traumatic, honestly. He was really excited about the little cars they let you sit in.

For about three seconds anyway.
Then things got rough.

He cleaned up pretty good, though, and looked like such a big boy once his tears were all dried and his sucker was gone.


Amy Button said...

Oh my goodness! I love that last picture so, very, much!

I have to say on the "old" front that Franklin to Lakeland is about as far as we can possibly travel in a day...and I'd much prefer to stop. Actually we did once. But we didn't research it ahead of time. We ended up somewhere south of Macon in the Best Inn...really. It was awful. And I don't think that stopping overnight after a trip to Indiana makes you old ;)

Mary said...

Love the pictures. What a sweet, sweet little guy that Max looks like. I can see why he was held a lot.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.