Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Road Trip: Part 6 (The End)

On our way back home from our visit with Chris' family, we stopped in lovely Franklin, Tennessee to have lunch and hang out with some old friends - boys I have known for-stinking-ever and their wives and kiddos. The wives they found are so cool. So very cool, in fact, that they are now my best blog friends - Mary and Amy.

We met at a park and strolled down the streets toward lunch at their favorite pizza spot (where their daughter Amanda happened to be our fabulous server). The kids behaved so well - by now, there are lots of kids when we get together. Emma and Amy's daughter, Chloe, are kindreds in such an amazing way. They immediately click with each other and both of them chattered the whole day away.

I managed to get a picture of Travis and Amy,

but not one of Kris and Mary. I don't know how that happened, since Kris wanted to play with my camera for a minute (and burn with jealousy) and managed to snap the only picture of me on vacation that seems to exist.

Amy knew that I would fall in love with her hometown. She could not have been more right. There were blossoming trees lining every historic street and peeling-paint details that distracted me at every turn.

We stopped at a sweet little cupcake shop, which was perfect since Chloe and Emma want to open a bakery together one day.

I'm not sure if that was decided on a previous visit or this one, but the plans are magnificent if the level of excitement in their voices can be considered any indication.

Mary and Kris have three boys - no girls. I would like to state for the record that they were so well-behaved during this entire, decidedly-girly adventure. Such boys deserve to be rewarded and I must say it took little convincing to get the dads and boys headed back to the park. Fortunately, that sounded good to all the small girls too, so we three mamas had a little bit of grown-up time to enjoy. We wandered and shopped and talked and had an all-around good time. This little shop ended up being my absolute favorite.

It was just brimming with white paint and rough edges.

But there were so many shops with so many gorgeous displays. It was hard for me to focus.

As I sifted through my pictures, though, I found a trend. Apparently, there were chandeliers everywhere in Franklin and apparently, that is mostly what I decided to photograph. So, I present to you My Favorite Chandeliers in Franklin.

Mary scored a pretty blue glass treasure and we all went back to the park with smiles on our faces. But the smiles didn't last long for some of us. The goodbye hugs were so incredibly sad and the pictures so incredibly hilarious and heart-wrenching that I'm afraid I must subject you to all of them.

With that, I take leave of this silly road trip story. There will be more pictures, here and there (when I get to it), but there are other things to attend to and other stories to tell.


Mary said...

Oh my. The end. How comical and yes, a bit heart wrenching as well. I had such fun with you guys and I really hope you can come back and stay longer. Make a weekend of it or something. Surely you want to hear Kris teach Sunday school. I know those extra days are hard to come by but I do hope we are worth it at some point. Thanks for posting your pictures. There I was with my camera but typically too distracted with my kids to take any shots. Love these.

Christy said...

Mary - me too and yes, let's. I have no idea when, but we simply must have a longer visit sometime - maybe in the fall of some future year :)
Seeing Kris teach Sunday school! That would first I was going to say so strange (because we're grownups and stuff), but really, it makes perfect sense. It would be the most natural thing to see, as far as I can figure.

claibornes corner said...

Great Pictures and great little town. It's almost 1am and I just taught myself the Magic Loop with a 32" circular - I think I like it much better than the double points - I posted on Ravelry and got great advice and watched a video - still knitted little hats - got lots of colors and gave away a couple. Oh, I also cut all my hair off tonight -it got too hot!!!
Still haven't caught up my blog yet. Love ya.....

Amy Button said...

I'm not sure how it's possible but I think you made my hometown look even cooler ;) I found myself saying, "where was that?". And you're not going to believe this but my chandelier hating husband commented on all the cool chandeliers. Maybe I'll end up with one someday.

So glad you guys visited and hope you can do it again sometime...for longer. I was driving around town and thought "I didn't show her the churches!". It's so much fun to show off the things I love.

Christy said...

Amy - I don't know how it could look any cooler than it already is! And, yes. One day. Churches & the whole tour :)
I can't believe Travis noticed the cool chandeliers either. That makes my brain hurt.

Christy said...

Oh - and Nana - way to go on the magic loop thing! I've never done it b/c I just prefer double-pointeds, but it accomplishes the same thing. Glad you found something that works for you!

Christina said...

My heartstopped. when I saw the shutter photo (8th down). I must come back to visit it often.

So much fun on this post! Last pics especially.

Reminds me of our last family trip. Addison (neice) was fine in the a.m., fine in the car ride, fine getting out of the car, but when she realized we were at the airport, shrieking and vise-like hugging ensued. Hilarious!