Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, hi. I borrowed those dang Twilight books from my sister-in-law. Behind the trend? The last one to know? Yes. That should surprise no one because we all know that I am not exactly cool. I will check in once I've finished reading them all. Unfortunately, I read the first two within a 26-hour period. And now I don't have book #3 in my possession. It will be mine later today, though. Yes. Yes it will.
My husband has now lost his wife to the vampires, but he doesn't seem to mind for now. When he sees me with a book in my hands, he knows what to expect. I don't read novels very often, you see, because this always happens. I cannot eat or sleep until I know how it ends. Even if it is a silly romance written for teenage girls. About vampires and werewolves. Dang. What am I? Thirteen?

Daily Bliss: compliments on a dress that I made (and my restraint - I didn't tell anybody that it was fashioned from an old sheet I bought at the Goodwill!)
Wake-up Playlist: Led Zeppelin - Living Loving Maid


Amy said...

Don't feel bad- I'm pretty sure I won't be reading those books. It's not my thing. I do the same thing though read, read, read, pass out.

It doesn't happen very often. I hope you enjoy your book.

Mary said...

Yes. That is how I read too, all until nothing. I have to MAKE myself put them down so I can get dinner, change diapers, that sort of thing. It is much better if I don't read at all.

Liz said...

Ah yes, this sounds familiar. But every time I hear another grown woman say these things... it makes me feel EVER so much better about myself. :)

claibornes corner said...

You must still be reading your book - no new post????

frabjouspoet said...

Let me know if you want to borrow the fourth book, and if I can remember, I will bring it with me Sat. I am the proud owner of the entire series (and movie) and have read all the books twice. Can't wait to discuss it with you!