Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Slice of Today

Remember that apricot tart I made over and over last summer? Well, apricots are back in (insert opera-singing voice) sea-son!
So, guess what we're having for dinner tonight? Oh yes. Yes we did. Apricot tart and ice cream! I figured, why not just skip the mess and extra calories of supper and go straight for the decadence?
It is really hot here today. This time of year begins the long season during which I hate living in Florida. My car told me it was 99 degrees outside and the bank said it was 104. Sheesh. And no rain in sight just yet. Our afternoon showers have been sporatic at best. We had such a hot, dry spring, then a couple of weeks of rain, rain, glorious rain, and now we're back to nothin'. Wish it would just make up its mind.
The kids are continuing their instrument lessons over the summer, so the afternoon brought an hour to me of listening in amazement to my kids. It's so brilliant that they can actually do stuff. I mean, when they are babies, it's so hard to imagine what they'll be, what they'll do. But as they grow, you just have to stand back and take it in sometimes because they really are people, in their own right, with talents and abilities. And they do stuff - even without your help!

Daily Bliss: a cool cotton tunic, made by me of course
Wake-up Playlist: Jars of Clay, Two Hands


Mary said...

Mine have been doing stuff all day. Nothing amazing in the positive sense though. :) One day I know my expectations will be left in the dust by the amazing things they will do.

I'm excited for your apricot reunion. Did you know apricot seeds are good for keeping away cancer? They taste bitter but if you crush them with honey it's not too bad.

Amy said...

Ooh, I saw apricots at Publix a couple of days ago and thought about that tart. I haven't made it yet but I'm going to.

It's sad to me when the kids get older and need me less. But it's also cool to see that they're real people and to have real conversations with them.

Rain makes the summers in FL bearable. I hope you get some soon.