Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Game

There's this beautiful photo blog I stumbled upon last week and I've been meaning to add it to my sidebar. Last week, the author proposed a little game. She'd been watching Amelie, one of my favorite movies, and loves the part at the beginning where the narrator introduces new characters, listing a thing or two that they love (aime) and that they do not love (n'aime pas). This little quirk of storytelling is my absolute favorite thing about the movie.
She asked her readers to play along with the same game, listing several things that they love and that they do not love - but they must all be small things. For examples from the movie, you can check out this post on La Porte Rouge.
I'm a little shy about leaving comments for people I don't know, and by the time I thought I might go ahead and do it, well, it was kind of late to jump in, you know? But I want to play the game anyway. And I hope you'll play it too. Would you, ever so kindly, drop me a comment (even if you're a silly, shy lurker like me)? Tell me some tiny little things that you love and a few that you don't. Five of each, maybe?
I'll go first.

Christy n'aime pas
stiff bubble gum
cracking toe knuckles
commas in wrong places
Neil Diamond
animal movies

Christy aime
surprise kisses
air conditioner smell
chipmunks with stuffed cheeks
knitting with alpaca yarn
coconut milk in my bath

Daily Bliss: reading to my kids while it rained and thundered outside of our little cottage
Wake-up Playlist: The Silver Seas, An Infinite Number of Monkeys


Mary said...

Mary n'aime pas
bumble balls (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bumble_Ball in case you're not familiar)
nail files
comedies based on someone's lie
poison ivy

Mary aime
my aunts and uncles singing together
the smell of fresh baked bread
homemade chocolate syrup
newborn smell

yakobus said...

-Louis Armstrong's smile while singing
-Holding my hand out the window of my car at high speeds, letting it push it up and down.
-Unashamed silliness
-Scottish accents
-Unexpected but meaningful story twists

N'aime pas:
-Too much hype to a lame outcome
-"This cheesecake looks delicious,(bite)... I mean key lime pie"
-Christian t-shirts
-The fact that "N'aime pas" came to me faster and in greater mass than "Aime" I think I need to stop and notice the details more, thanks Christie

claibornes corner said...

mmmm let's see
don't like
spots on my glasses or sunglasses
people grabbing my mic

do Like
Puppy Breath
tomato plant smell
a pattern emerging in my knitting
the perfect brush stroke in oil

Jessica said...

- chicken korma and aloo naan.
- saturday morning breakfast with my husband.
- windows open in the fall.
- the feeling I have after working out.
- hearing my husband sing.

N'aime pas:
- when people ask how much my tattoos cost.
- the word "panties"
- the bumper sticker "real men love Jesus"
- working out.
- when people take random unexpected pictures of me and post them online.

mindy said...

- speckled puppy bellies
- the smell of Anthropologie
- pencil skirts
- cupcakes
- my husband's Elvis lips

N'aime pas:
- nail clippings
- that annoying song by the Barenaked Ladies
- Crocs
- fake British accents
- my husband's cutoff jean shorts

*Jessica, I hate the word "panties", too! I prefer "underwears" :)