Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been a busy, busy little buzzy bee over here. I've been finishing projects and starting new ones and have taken no time whatever to tell you about things or to take decent photos.
Max's blankie is done (my new little nephew in Indiana). That sucker is big! I had no idea how big it was until I started binding it off and it was coming off the needles. It's big enough to be a watching-tv-on-the-sofa blankie for me!
I'm really pleased with it, though. Here's the blanket and my silly puppy wishing she could sit on it.

I've also gotten hold of the irresistible notion to make a sundress wardrobe for Emma and myself, as we are heading off to an artist's retreat weekend at the end of July. I have a sneaking suspicion I've mentioned it before, but I don't want to check to see whether I did. What that means, really, is not as fancy as it sounds, but it will be so perfect for us. We are going to visit my friend Allison who has a bit of property a little ways south of us. She's a writer and a kindred creative soul. And the three of us girls will paint and write and draw and generally just be artists for the weekend.
Don't you think that calls for a wardrobe of simple sundresses? Well, I sure do.
I made two for Emma over the weekend and one for myself. There should be three outfits total for each of us, plus a fabulous ruffle bag! Pictures and links will follow to be sure.
The only dress I have photos of is the one I finished for myself. I made Poor Chris try and take pictures of me tonight in the dark house. He really hates it when I ask him to take pictures of me. Mostly because, even though his pictures sometimes turn out okay, I am entirely too vain to post pictures of myself that are not flattering (read: shave off 20 pounds and add four inches of height to my frame). But, as I have little else to offer you in the way of proof-of-crafting, here are some blurry, dark photos of me in my super-cute dress. You can't even see how pretty the fabric is! It's a lovely blue and purple calico-ish floral print. And, it has pockets (which I will place higher up next time. oh well.)!

It's the Mendocino Sundress pattern by Heather Ross and it's simple and fabulous - and free! The shirring on the top is done with elastic thread in the bobbin case and it's super-easy. I do it lots of it on stuff for Emma, but it's rather tedious on a grown-up-sized dress. I do like this dress enough, though, to do it again! I hope it will be soon. I could simply live in this dress all summer long.
The kerchief is on my head, not as a fashionable accessory, but because my hair is pretty dirty. When I have a project I am focused on, I have little ability to focus on anything else, and that certainly is holding true with this silly sundress wardrobe idea! I can't seem to make my head be where it needs to be.
But that is nothing new. It will pass.
Coming soon: a red gingham dress for me and the first skirt Emma has sewn for herself!

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Mary said...

So cute. Tell Chris thank you from all of us.

The blanket is lovely...wish I could rub it on my cheek. Baby blankets are the best and little Max will certainly feel well cared for in that one. Way to go Auntie!

Wish I could go on your retreat. That sounds like so much fun. One of these days I will be able to join you and do something fun like that. It will probably be after we retire, but who cares...I'm positive we will be much more fun when we're old anyway.

claibornes corner said...

I love the blanket - was it a hard pattern??? And the dress is darling - BUT I would have paint ALL over them!!

Christy said...

Mary - we *must* plan a girls' retreat together! Oh - it'd be so fun! How about you, me, Amy, Becky...and whatever other bloggy friends? But you are right. We will be the funnest old ladies ever.

Nana - not hard at all! It's all just knits and purls! I can't find the exact one, but here's a similar one. If I find the original pattern, I'll let you know. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Rebecca Jeffries-Hyman said...

Sundress is gorgeous... so when can I start selling the 14P????

Christy said...

Maybe next year Becks :)