Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hail and Fevers

I had pictures to share with you today, but I can't find my camera cable. Boo hoo. So, if I ever again figure out a way to get my pictures from the device to my computer, you will be the first to know.
Pictures of what, you ask?
Oh, just of our little miniature hurricane from this afternoon. No biggie.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, due to a late-night overdose of caffeine. So, it was really hard to roll out of bed this morning. Have I ever really confessed that that's exactly what happens? It's rather pathetic. My honey makes the coffee and gently shakes me. I ask for five more minutes. He grants it and then calls me again. Often, he will even turn down the covers and stand there to offer help because it really is that bad. I sort of roll over to my stomach and slide my first leg over the side of the mattress. Then the weight of that first leg sort of tugs the rest of me toward the floor, since my bed is high up off the ground and, you know, gravity and stuff.
So anyway, I rolled out of bed this morning with more difficulty than usual. I made it to work and my boss had taken the day off, so there was much knitting at my desk today. Plus, I raided the youth group's candy stash, so there were jawbreakers too. It was a nice, non-accomplishing day at work, followed by billing frustration at Emma's school. I spent the better part of my evening trying to unravel that mess, but I think it comes down to having been charged twice for science club in April and twice in May. I think. Plus, well, maybe plus, a check, that never cleared, so they must have lost it. Yeesh.
But this afternoon, in between the difficulties, Andrew and I popped some popcorn and sat outside waiting for the storm that had been promised. There had been warnings all day and you could just feel the energy crackling in the air. The wind whipped around in all sorts of directions - not nearly as organized as most afternoon storms. Tree branches fell and our legs were soaked with rain so quickly, as it came onto the porch nearly sideways! So we retreated indoors, only to hear a crack of really close thunder, followed by several smaller cracks. Those made me nervous until I figured out that it was hail. Oh, I scrambled for my camera faster than you can imagine! We enjoyed the premature darkness and the sound of the hail pelting our roof. Then we went to pick up Emma from painting camp, only to discover that she wasn't feeling well.
Once we were home, I popped our thermometer under her tongue and her eyes widened with anticipation of the great drama that was sure to unfold presently. We discovered she was running an impressive fever, so that cancelled out any other plans we had for the evening. And she made sure that we were all duly impressed by her fever - how, surely, no one would want to sit in her spot on the couch since she'd been sitting there while she had a fever, and how it was tragic that she couldn't fully enjoy the rainy afternoon due to her fever, and how her dinner was not palatable due to her fever, yet somehow, popsicles seemed to be just the trick. Other than a headache, she's pretty much asymptomatic, which is almost scarier, if you know what I mean, moms. I'm hoping it's just one of those random things that passes by morning. I'll let you know if it's really as dire as she believes it to be.

Daily Bliss: laughing so hard that I nearly peed my pants, and nephew blankie progress
Wake-up Playlist: Nada. Nothing at all in my overtired head this morning. At least not that I recall...


Mary said...

Sorry about the fever. I enjoyed the drama though.

I hope that after you scootch out of bed this morning you find her much, much better.

Can't wait for the pictures.

Amy said...

Oh poor Emma! You can tell her that Chloe and I are sufficiently impressed by her fever. Well, Florida storms. I hate TN storms since they're very often accompanied by tornadoes. I expect that at whatever point we move my kids will be completely freaked out. But I'm looking forward to it.