Friday, June 12, 2009

The Best Part

In all of my fuss and pouting yesterday, I forgot to mention the most wonderful news of all! It's the reason we were out having dinner and the reason we even had ice cream afterward.
Mindy and Joe found out they are having a boy! I'm so thrilled! I adore that little one so much already and have so many, many little things I want to make for him. Not the least of which being a vintage cowboy-themed baby shower. And a little tiny knitted sweater. And a linen kimono. And knitted booties. Oh - and burp cloths and blankies. And?
I can't wait to kiss his sweet little baby head, by which I mean I can't wait to smell his sweet little baby head. Nothing in the world smells like a fresh baby's head. Nothing. I told my dad that I never knew getting a baby that wasn't my own could be so exciting. My brother's gonna be a Papa!
Having a chick flick night to myself - Chris gets back into town tomorrow night. Of course, it will be wonderful to have him back, but I do enjoy a night to myself now and again.

Daily Bliss: Andrew's "rock band" performance today at the end of his week-long rock band camp. those kiddos were all so amazing!
Wake-Up Playlist: My Morning Jacket, Librarian


Mary said...

Whoo Hoo! Baby boys are WONDERFUL!

Baby heads *are* the best smell on earth. I couldn't agree more. It's miraculous...fresh out of the womb and they smell amazing.

My Kris is going out of town next week so I will probably be having some chick flick nights too. Feel free to send me suggestions. :)

Amy said...

How exciting!!! Congrats to Mindy and Joe.

Andrew went to Rock Band Camp? Very cool.

claibornes corner said...

I know babies smell nice but to ME there is nothing sweeter than "Puppy Breath"!!!! And I still say Claiborne can be a girl OR a boy name!!!