Friday, June 26, 2009

Tea & Knits

It's been a full day.
Emma had her Rock Band Camp concert this morning. She did so well. I have high hopes that her stage fright issues will be overcome with time. This was a nearly all-girl camp, so their band was called the Music Magicians. They played Twist & Shout, Surfin' USA and an original composition called My Life and they were all so cute. One of the instructors told my mom earlier this week that they'd never seen anything like Andrew...until they met Emma. I'm pretty much glowing with pride right now.
Lots of small projects are afoot here, including several summer dresses for Emma and myself that should be simple and breezy and ready for use by the end of July. There will be pictures as they roll out from under the needle.
And I have a few personal projects - some new directions I'm thinking of taking. If they come to pass, you'll be the first to know. One thing I've been considering is returning to the piano - she and I have something of an on-again, off-again, tempestuous relationship. But I've been thinking a lot about why I let it go when I was younger and why I haven't followed through on the handful of chances I've been offered to pick it back up. And maybe, I've been thinking, I owe it to myself to take one more stab at it, just for a little while, to see if I really was any good and to see if there's anything left in my fingers that's worth salvaging. My mom and dad have granted me six months of piano lessons as a birthday present, and when they told me about it, I cried. I am rather terrified to jump back in, though. This is something that I definitely want, so it is something that definitely brings out my preternatural fear of failure. Probably, there will be more to say on that later, once I get started or at least once it isn't late at night and I'm sleepy.

I attended knitting night tonight, which was hosted, for the first time ever, by someone other than me.

I don't mind hosting. In fact, I rather like it. But it was nice to have a break this time and just show up with my bag o'yarn + sticks and not even have to make the cookies. Consequently, Nephew Blankie is nearly done. I have high hopes that it will be finished tomorrow.

Daily Bliss: Dipping an Earl Grey Tea cookie into my Earl Grey Tea. A full-circle moment to be sure, at least in the life of that cookie.

Wake-up Playlist: Muse, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist (shaking my head over that one)


Amy said...

Hooray for Emma! You've got some pretty cool kids there missy.

So very cool about the piano thing. It's cool how sometimes things that you let go come back around to you and you have another swing at it. They're growing times for sure.

Ha! Full circle of an Earl Grey cookie's life- very funny.

Mary said...

I just love hearing about your wonderfully talented children. It says so much about you and Chris and what God has given you to do. He must think a lot of you to give you such an assignment.

I love piano music. Few things are as soothing to me as listening to someone play piano. I hope you allow yourself to flourish.

claibornes corner said...

Oh yes, go back to playing the piano! Did Emma play drumns?

60ish and Glad said...

How nice to still be having your knitting night. whose pretty tea cup? Whos house? Did Emma go? Who all came.....oh sorry....was getting in the mommy mode.

Hope your lessons will bring you great personal joy.